Lavertezzo, Val Verzasca

The region where we live is full of beautiful amenities. The river Verzasca flows through the valley that has the same name. The color of its water is emerald green and its temperature is very cold all year along as it starts in the high mountains. Enjoy more pictures of our beautiful canton Ticino onContinua a leggere “Lavertezzo, Val Verzasca”

Piano di Magadino

Our drone today is flying over the beautiful plain of Magadino. This piece of land surrounded by high mountains is divided by the river that gives the name to our Canton Ticino and which flows directly to the lake Maggiore. Enjoy the wiev! Il nostro drone oggi vola sopra il bel piano di Magadino.Continua a leggere “Piano di Magadino”

Giumaglio, Valle Maggia

Traveling through our valleys we encounter tiny villages, built in ancient times from our ancestors, made of stones and timber found on site. Walking through the narrow ways you can smell the smoke of the chimneys. The waterfall is almost dry, this winter, but the colours of nature compensate this absence. Visit our site a leggere “Giumaglio, Valle Maggia”

Una cascata ghiacciata

We knew that this cold weather would grant us unusual pictures of this iced waterfall. That’s why on January 29th we traveled to Faido, and were not disappointed. Some of our most beautiful takings by drone and by camera are to be viewed on our site Siamo arrivati a Faido una domenica di gennaio.Continua a leggere “Una cascata ghiacciata”

Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia

Sulla spiaggia di Santa Maria di Leuca sorgono queste curiose costruzioni al limitare della spiaggia, con le fondamenta bagnate dal mare. Sono le bagnarole, accarezzate dal mare, destinate alle donne dell’aristocrazia salentina che facevano il bagno al mare nascoste dagli sguardi indiscreti dei semplici e dalla luce cocente del sole, mantenendo il tal modo laContinua a leggere “Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia”

It’s winter time in Vira Gambarogno, Ticino

In summer the beautiful weather invites the tourist to stay for a relaxing holiday. In winter the place is empty and cold, nonetheless the view is breathtaking and the atmosphere is very quiet. Prints available. See more on